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Oh hello — I didn’t see you there! I’m a staff editor for Entertainment Weekly. I’ve also had stints at The Wall Street Journal online (TV recapper for their Speakeasy blog), Interview Magazine’s website (associate online managing editor), and Mediaite (associate editor, and the brains behind their Tumblr).

This is my blog, and my Twitter is over here.

There are, somehow, two Wikipedia entries that use me as a reference.

Here are links to a few of my articles; please assume that I wrote the good headlines and someone else wrote the bad ones. You can see my full resume on LinkedIn.


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Some highlights:

A(nother) perfect storm: What we learned on the set of ‘Sharknado 2: The Second One 2/27/2014

'Harriet the Spy' turns 50: A tribute to Louise Fitzhugh's perfectly prickly heroine 2/21/2014

Who said it: A ‘Dumb & Dumber’ guy — or a woman on ‘The Newsroom’? 7/12/2013

On the scene: Family, friends, and fans remember James Gandolfini at Manhattan funeral 6/27/2013

Kanye West ‘Yeezus’ lyric or Lucille Bluth quote? 6/18/2013

Here’s to you, Judy Blume: A toast to ‘Tiger Eyes’ and ‘regular kid’ lit 6/8/2013

13 most unfortunate TV characters updated 6/3/2013

'Saturday Night Live': A full directory of Stefon's favorite clubs 5/17/2013

Is ‘Girls’ still a comedy? 3/15/2013

Requiem for a musical: How ‘Smash’ went wrong 3/14/2013

'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic': A Brony explains why fans say 'neigh' to Princess Twilight 1/31/13

'Rudolph,' 'Charlie Brown,' and 'The Grinch': Will the great American trilogy of Christmas specials work on a newcomer? [parts 1 and 2] 12/20/12 and 12/21/12

What’s so great about ‘Boy Meets World’? [EW magazine] 12/7/12

R.I.P., ‘The LA Complex’: Why this finely crafted, little-watched soap deserved better 12/4/12

300 episodes? ‘Degrassi’ goes there. Creator Linda Schuyler shares the secret to its success 10/25/12

A sequel to ‘The Giver’? It’s true — and here’s what Lois Lowry has to say about it 10/2/12

Meet ‘Stalker Sarah,’ a normal teen who’s become a red carpet fixture 5/31/12

'Girls,' Sex and the City,' and abortion: How two shows tackle a thorny topic 4/23/12

EW.com recaps:

Saturday Night Live

House of Cards

Once Upon a Time


The Voice [seasons 1 and 3]

The Office, season 7


Beyond the Kale: How the Park Slope Food Co-op became an institution that will outlast the punchlines 6/6/2013


Network Jews: David Rosen, the Unlucky Mensch on ABC’s ‘Scandal’ 5/9/2013

Network Jews: Ross Geller, Monica’s Nerdy Paleontologist Brother on ‘Friends’ 8/14/2012

Network Jews: Rachel Berry from FOX’s ‘Glee’ 5/22/2012

Network Jews: Annie Edison from NBC’s ‘Community’ 5/1/2012


Anna Kendrick Takes Her Chances 9/28/2011

Kate Beaton, History Girl 9/28/2011

Lake Bell Dives Right In 8/30/2011

Lisa Kudrow’s Post-Comeback Comeback 7/26/2011

A (Mostly) Clean Slate [interview with Jenny Slate] 11/11/10


'Mad Men' Finale: Should Don Draper and Megan Be Together? 10/18/10

Jersey Shore recaps [season 2]


Project Husband — She’s Got the Gown, Now She Needs The Groom 8/9/10


And Now A Message From Chuck Lorre [full article and slide show] 9/20/10

How Do Movie Theaters Decide Which Trailers To Show? [Explainer] 4/15/10

ALT Does ANTM 3/18/10

College Candy:

Bad Advice Women Get columns: Know Your Fashion Sex; Get Fit for Prom; Try Not to Be Too Happy; You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile; Grocery Store Glamour; Date Like a D-Bag; Settle Down. Now.; Let Guys Be Guys; Always Look Your Best; Laugh Away Those Pounds; Grape Expectations

Hong Kong’s bc magazine:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince review 8/1/09

A Plastic Tax 7/16/09

Where There’s Smoke [cover story] 7/2/09

The Eye, weekly magazine of The Columbia Daily Spectator:

Model Airheads [pdf, p. 12] [behind the scenes at a Top Model casting call] 4/3/08